Johnny Popper Children's Camo Boots JD2188

Style: JD2188


Color: Tan Brown / Mossy Oak


As of1-3-19 Sizes will be available again mid Feb.


Little boys often think they're bigger than they are. Always in a hurry to become men, they want clothes and shoes that look just like the ones big boys wear. That's why the John Deere Johnny Popper Leather Camo Kids Boots have an adult style, but plenty of protective, kid-friendly comfort too. Handsome leather and camouflage combine to create an outdoorsy look that mimics styles you'll see on popular hunting boots. The wide boot opening is large enough for little feet to easily slip inside. Moisture-wicking lining gently takes care of wetness to leave skin cooler, dryer and healthier. Soft, cushioned insoles help absorb impact and keep steps easy. Tough Goodyear welt construction creates a durable, highly flexible bond between the leather and the sole. The soles are non-marking, so steps won't leave anything behind. John Deere Johnny Popper Leather Camo Kids Boots look like they're made for big feet, but they have just the right amount of comfort and support for all those small steps.