Jama Old West Children’s Boots Tan Carona with White Tops and Tan Cross Inlay

Style: BSC1841G


Color: Tan / White


Jama Old West style BSC1841 is perfect for your little one. These boots look great with jeans of any shade. We have a feeling that your little one might shotgun the boots to show off the White tops with the Tan Cross Inlay. A leather outsole might take a while for them to get used to, but they will soon discover the joys of square dancing to their favorite country songs.  These boots have a Tan Carona Calf with a White Carona Calf with Tan Cross Inlay.  These boots have a Broad Square Toe, Roper Block style Heel, with a Cushioned Insole with a Leather Outsole.  So go to school looking like a million dollars