3R Collection "QUANAH CREME" RR1013


Traditional buckaroo boot with Round toe, traditional riding heel, 16" top, 8 row stitching and an orthotic cushioned insole, oil resistant rubber outsole. Also having a decrotavie mahogany welt with white stitching and coordinating pull holes

Price: $199.95



Part of the Americana Collection is  cognac conquistador shoulder, smooth grain leather lined foot designed with the traditional wide round toe and roper heel and 11" contrasting white tops. Constructed with an orthoitc insole and a leather outsole that is welted with white stitching that is hand crafted in the USA 

Price: $199.95

Western Work Boots "ZINDELO" 4013


Tony Lamas most tradional and popular work boot is the 13" natural retan leather. Built with an iron leather foot, R style toe, western style heel and a full vibrum welt sole it is the longest running production boot

Price: $250.95

Men's Twisted X Ruff Stock square toe rancher boot MRS0027


The Roughstock boot is designed in mind of the working cowboy and the rodeo cowboy. The heel design is desinged underslung or block base style for stability and durability . The heel is designed extended to hold heavy spurs. The tops are built with sturdy leathers and tall enough to wrap the shafts around the legs to ensure protection from elements. Heels are nailed on for minimal damage in a possible mishap.

Price: $189.98